Salma Mumin In Tears As She Apologizes To Moesha For The Recording That Was Leaked

Photo Of Salma Mumin
Photo Of Salma Mumin

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Salma Mumin, a Ghanaian actress, has apologized to Moesha Bodoung for the leaked tape that has been circulating on the internet.

The audio, which includes her voice as well as that of Samuel Nelson, who is said to be Moesha’s personal assistant, was posted on the internet yesterday.

In the audio, which has been shared on the Instagram page of one Aba the Great, an Instagram blogger, Samuel Nelson made several allegations against Moesha and spilled all her secrets (whether true or false) to Salma.

Salma Mumin has since faced the music on social media as many users believe she is wrong for allegedly circulating the audio.

In a live Instagram video, Salma has explained her reasons for recording the audio and stating that she did not leak the audio.

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According to Salma, Elikem Kumordzie advised her to record the conversation between her and Nelson for evidence purposes.

“…let’s record this conversation. He advised that we record the conversation because we did not understand why the boy called me in the first place so we recorded audio and later on sent it to me. So if you listen to the audio, at the beginning of the audio, I was questioning the guy, not because. I wanted us to have the audio for evidence sake,” Salma is heard saying in the video.

“Elikem sent it to me afterward. I’ve had it on my phone since 12th July. If we wanted to leak it, the intention wasn’t to leak this audio, the intention was to keep it as evidence…” she continued.

“It’s just me and Elikem who had the video until three days ago when I sent it to another friend of Moesha called Sandra. Nelson called me again and then asked if I had 10 minutes to spare because he wanted to talk to me about something urgently,” she added.

Salma went on to issue an apology to Moesha for the leaked audio stating that she honestly did not intend any malice. She also stated that she had forgiven Moesha for whatever it was that Moesha was seeking her forgiveness for.

Watch the video below;


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