Sarkodie’s Dramatic Flight Ordeal: Emergency Landing On Portuguese Island Leads To Missed US Show

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie
Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie


Ghanaian rap sensation Sarkodie recently found himself in the midst of a high-flying drama that caused him to miss a scheduled performance in Detroit, United States, as part of his extensive Jamz World Tour.

In a Twitter post dated Sunday, September 10, 2023, Sarkodie took to social media to explain the unfortunate turn of events that led to his absence from the Detroit show. He attributed the unexpected disruption to a series of flight-related challenges, prompting a heartfelt apology to his devoted fans.

Sarkodie didn’t mince words as he publicly called out Delta Airlines, the carrier responsible for the chaotic ordeal. According to the rapper, the flight he was aboard was forced to make an emergency landing on a Portuguese island, resulting in widespread confusion and inconvenience for passengers.

In his tweet, Sarkodie expressed his understanding of the unpredictability of such situations, saying, “So I missed my event in Detroit due to @Delta doing an emergency landing on an island in Portugal yesterday. It was unfortunate, but I know these things happen, so I wasn’t trippin, even though they communicated poorly and didn’t have the courtesy to update us on exactly what was happening.”

While venting his frustrations with the airline’s handling of the situation, Sarkodie shed light on a disturbing trend he claimed many African passengers have experienced with Delta Airlines. He lamented the inadequate treatment and apparent disregard for passenger safety, particularly among travelers from Africa.

“Sitting at the airport for about 6 hours and hearing complaints from passengers, this isn’t new with that airline, especially from this part of the world (Africa),” Sarkodie said. “They keep sending these outdated aircraft (business class almost the same as economy) to pick us up, knowing very well they are not safe but still risk lives.”

The most alarming revelation in Sarkodie’s account was the harrowing near-miss experience: “We almost landed in the ocean, but thank God we touched down safely on that island. No compensation, nothing, and our bags are still stranded on the island.”

Despite the frustrations, Sarkodie expressed a desire to address the situation without damaging the airline’s reputation, saying, “Moving forward, I wouldn’t want to tarnish a business, but hopefully, they see to this problem and resolve it. To my fans in Detroit, I’m very sorry, and we’re working on making it up to you.”

Sarkodie’s Jamz World Tour has been his platform to promote his 2022 album, “Jamz,” and while this unexpected detour caused a setback, fans worldwide eagerly await his triumphant return to the stage.

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