Selly Galley And Praye Tietia Allegedly Embrace Parenthood With The Arrival Of Twins After 8 Years Of Marriage

Actress and television personality Selly Galley, and husband Ghanaian musician Praye Tietia
Actress and television personality Selly Galley, and husband Ghanaian musician Praye Tietia


  • Selly Galley and Praye Tietia Celebrate the Arrival of Twins After 8 Years of Marriage

Actress and television personality Selorm Galley, affectionately known as Selly Galley, has embraced the joy of motherhood as reports surface that she and Ghanaian musician Praye Tietia are now proud parents of twins, marking a significant milestone in their 8-year journey of matrimony.

The delightful news was unveiled by Snapchat’s astute gossip blogger, Sel The Bomb. According to the latest revelations, the couple was blessed with the arrival of their twin blessings a few weeks ago, a celebration that transpired on American soil.

The anticipation had been palpable for years, as Selly Galley and Praye Tietia’s marriage spanned 8 long years, characterized by mutual support and unwavering companionship. The crescendo of this enduring love story came to fruition in the form of precious twins, as Sel The Bomb disclosed in her exclusive report.

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“In the wake of 8 years filled with shared dreams and aspirations, the artist Praye Tietia and the radiant actress Selly Galley have stepped into parenthood with the arrival of their cherished twin offspring. Sel The Bomb’s reliable sources have verified that the accomplished musician’s beloved wife was overjoyed to bring forth twins several weeks prior, in the illustrious United States,” the blogger recounted with zeal.

While the couple has chosen to maintain a veil of privacy around this milestone, an outpouring of congratulations and well-wishes from fans and admirers alike demonstrates the community’s collective joy.

September of 2015 marked the inception of their sacred bond in wedlock, a union that has weathered its share of challenges and triumphs, solidifying their love even further.

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In retrospect, the unwavering dedication shared between Selly Galley and Praye Tietia has culminated in a chapter brimming with the splendor of parenthood. Though the official confirmation remains pending, the hearts of many resonate with the happiness radiating from this remarkable couple.

In conclusion, the journey that Selly Galley and Praye Tietia embarked upon 8 years ago has now taken an enchanting twist with the arrival of their precious twin darlings. This heartwarming news is a testament to the power of enduring love and shared dreams, offering hope and inspiration to all who follow their story.


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