Shatta Wale Reveals Candid Truths About Celebrity Life In Ghana

Ghanaian Dancehall and Afrobeats sensation, Shatta Wale
Ghanaian Dancehall and Afrobeats sensation, Shatta Wale


  • Shatta Wale’s Candid Confessions: Life as a Ghanaian Celebrity

Ghanaian Dancehall and Afrobeats sensation, Shatta Wale, recently bared his soul in an exclusive interview with the BBC. In a brutally honest conversation aired on October 28, he shared the unvarnished truth about being a celebrity in Ghana and the unique struggles that come with it.

The Desperate Need to Be Real

Shatta Wale opened up about his longing to be genuine and truthful with his fans. He compared his experiences in Ghana to those in the UK, highlighting his desire to lead a normal life offstage. In Ghana, he expressed how challenging it is to go about daily life without constant attention and scrutiny. He noted that travelling to places like London allows him to experience a sense of freedom that’s otherwise elusive in his home country.

The Battle with Social Media Critics

The musician also revealed how his yearning for normalcy leads him to engage heavily with critics on social media. He finds solace in responding to them, almost as if he’s back on the streets where he can be himself. His authenticity shines through when he connects with fans in this manner. He confessed, “Sometimes I feel like I want to eat fufu in a chop bar or a public place, but I don’t get that opportunity, and that’s a significant problem for me. So that’s why when people challenge me on social media, I just go live and speak to them as if I’m on the street.”

The Struggle of Being a Star

Comparing the life of a celebrity to being confined within one’s home, Shatta Wale disclosed the challenges he faces. He often has to travel and hold meetings at night to avoid creating disruptions during the day. It’s not easy to be a star, he emphasized, as it feels like building a prison yard and locking oneself up. In Ghana, he can’t even drive in the mornings or afternoons, forcing him to schedule all meetings for nighttime.

Shatta Wale‘s revelations shed light on the harsh realities faced by celebrities in Ghana and offer a unique perspective on the price of fame. It’s a reminder that behind the glitz and glamour, there are struggles and sacrifices that the world may not always see.

In conclusion, Shatta Wale‘s honesty and transparency in this interview provide a rare glimpse into the life of a celebrity in Ghana. It’s a stark reminder that fame often comes at a cost, and even the most celebrated individuals seek a sense of normalcy in their lives.

Whether you’re a fan of Shatta Wale or simply curious about the complexities of fame, this interview offers valuable insights into the world of a Ghanaian celebrity.


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