Shatta Wale Shouldn’t Shoulder Industry Woes Alone, Says Mr. Logic

Prominent figure in the showbiz scene and seasoned analyst, Mr. Logic
Prominent figure in the showbiz scene and seasoned analyst, Mr. Logic


Prominent figure in the showbiz scene and seasoned analyst, Mr. Logic, has emphasized the need to avoid singling out Shatta Wale as the sole cause of the challenges faced by the Ghanaian music industry.

During a recent conversation on the United Showbiz platform on August 26, Mr. Logic expounded on the misconception of attributing the industry’s hardships solely to artists like Shatta Wale.

He pointed out that the prevalent habit of unfavorably comparing and critiquing Ghanaian musicians contributes to discouraging potential investors from engaging with the industry. Mr. Logic stressed that these negative narratives cast a shadow on the prospects of artists who possess the talent and potential to achieve successes akin to their Nigerian counterparts.

“Can we truly assert that even Shatta Wale, who has been a mainstay in the industry, couldn’t pack the O2 Arena? The problem lies with the waning investor confidence due to constant pessimistic discussions about the industry, ultimately affecting both the artists and their prospects,” he contended.

He acknowledged the accomplishments of Nigerian acts such as Asake, highlighting that Ghanaian artists have the capability to emulate such achievements, provided they receive the requisite backing and encouragement.

Additionally, Mr. Logic drew attention to the divergent strategies employed by Nigerian artists in contrast to their Ghanaian peers. He underlined that while Ghanaian musicians tend to rely on personal connections for self-promotion within the local scene, their Nigerian counterparts allocate substantial budgets and resources to their self-promotion endeavors.

“Unlike the Nigerians, Ghanaian artists seem reluctant to wholeheartedly champion their music and craft. They overlook the importance of financial investment and instead lean on personal contacts for progress. This lack of understanding of the music business within the Ghanaian artist community is a crucial issue,” he expressed with concern.

Mr. Logic was resolute in his stance that the burden of responsibility for the industry’s challenges should not solely rest on Shatta Wale or any individual artist. Rather, he emphasized the significance of artists rallying behind each other. However, the crux of the solution lies in furnishing comprehensive support and financial resources to cultivate growth within the industry.

“Let’s not point fingers at Shatta Wale for the industry’s setbacks. It’s unrealistic to expect him or any other artist to be the sole propellers. Every artist is diligently pursuing their craft, and while it’s not obligatory for one to uplift another, the pathway to industry triumph lies in the form of substantive support and funding,” he highlighted.

Mr. Logic’s insights dovetail with the collective endeavors of industry stakeholders and participants who are committed to reshaping the trajectory of the Ghanaian music industry.


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