Shatta Wale’s Explosive Showdown With Kwasi Aboagye, Despite, And Fadda Dickson Over £80,000 Performance Fee!

Dancehall musician, Shatta Wale



In a shocking turn of events, the Ghanaian dancehall sensation, Shatta Wale, has unleashed a torrent of fury upon popular media personality Kwasi Aboagye, and even his employers, Osei Kwame Despite and Fadda Dickson. The cause of this tumultuous uproar? An £80,000 performance fee dispute following his appearance at the Ghana Music Awards UK.

Shatta Wale vs. Kwasi Aboagye: A Heated Exchange

The controversy ignited when Kwasi Aboagye, during his radio show on October 11, voiced skepticism about Shatta Wale‘s reported £80,000 performance fee. Aboagye boldly questioned whether any Ghanaian event organizer would be willing to part with such a colossal sum for a single performance, suggesting that the figure was an exaggeration.

Shatta Wale, known for his fiery temperament, did not take this lightly. He responded with a vehement tirade, labeling Aboagye’s remarks as “rubbish.” The dancehall star vehemently insisted that he was indeed paid the exact amount he claimed and took to TikTok Live to make his point clear.

Watch the video below;

Shatta Wale‘s Explosive Showdown with Kwasi Aboagye, Despite, and Fadda Dickson Over £80,000 Performance Fee!

A Swift Verbal Assault on Employers

The battle didn’t stop at Kwasi Aboagye. Shatta Wale extended his anger to Aboagye’s employers, Osei Kwame Despite and Fadda Dickson. In an unapologetic outburst, he declared, “Kwasi Aboagye, if you are not sacked from Peace FM… You, Despite, and Fadda Dickson are all fools. I never took anybody’s money. Nobody knew when I was sleeping at Circle. Just because you have a company. Even those in the company can’t anyone tell you that you’re being foolish? You guys are in Ghana thinking you are billionaires.”

The Power of Social Media and Public Feuds

Shatta Wale‘s use of TikTok Live to address this issue highlights the influence of social media in contemporary disputes. It’s become a powerful tool for celebrities and individuals to air their grievances and connect with their fan base.


The ongoing feud between Shatta Wale and Kwasi Aboagye, spiced with the inclusion of Despite and Fadda Dickson, has taken an unexpected and controversial turn. It underscores the importance of transparency in the entertainment industry and the potential repercussions when claims are questioned. This fiery confrontation serves as a reminder of the clout and reach of social media in today’s world, allowing celebrities to communicate their side of the story directly with their audience. The saga continues, and it remains to be seen whether this fiery dispute will be resolved amicably or escalate further.


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