Shocking Revelations Unveiled By The OSP In Cecilia Dapaah’s Corruption Investigation

Special Prosecutor (OSP) Kissi Agyebeng
Special Prosecutor (OSP) Kissi Agyebeng


The Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) has returned to the High Court in Accra with a renewed application to freeze certain bank accounts and confirm the seizure of funds from the residence of the embattled former sanitation minister, Cecilia Dapaah.

Recent reports from various local media outlets have highlighted an 8-page court document dated September 19th, which reveals significant discoveries made by the OSP concerning the seized funds, amounting to approximately US$590,000 and over GH¢2.8 million in cash. These funds were linked to various local and foreign-denominated accounts belonging to the former minister.

The OSP has made several new disclosures in their case for the seizure and freezing application, building upon their previous unsuccessful attempt in court. In this article, we’ll explore five major revelations brought to light by the OSP.

1. Cecilia Dapaah’s Secret Real Estate Ventures

The OSP shed light on multiple businesses that Cecilia Dapaah had allegedly engaged in, which she purportedly used to explain the origin of some of the funds found in her residence. According to the OSP, these businesses were concealed under aliases to obscure ownership, with the proceeds channeled into her bank accounts and investments.

The document also hints at suspicions that the former minister had significant sums of cash stored in her residence, well beyond what could be justified by her income as a Minister of State. It even suggests that her house staff may have been involved in embezzling some of these funds.

2. Unclear Source of Stolen Funds

Regarding the case of her two housemates accused of stealing a million dollars and various other currencies, the OSP claims there is no concrete evidence of the source of the stolen funds. Financial records or legitimate income sources for these amounts remain elusive.

During the search conducted at her residence, Cecilia Dapaah denied knowledge of the cash sums found there. Her actions raised further suspicions that these funds might be illicitly obtained.

3. Elaborate Money Concealment

The search conducted on July 24, 2023, at her Abelemkpe residence uncovered $590,000 and ¢2,862,007 in cash, the OSP informed the court. These monies were ingeniously concealed in various ways, including wraps, polythene bags, clothing, and envelopes, hidden in obscure places within the residence.

4. Funds from Deceased Brother

Surprisingly, Cecilia Dapaah allegedly claimed that $800,000 of the disputed funds belonged to her deceased brother. Despite her brother’s passing in January 2022, records indicate that funds from his account were still being transferred to her frozen account as recently as May 2023, raising questions about the legality of these transactions.

5. Adjusted Stolen Amount

In a surprising twist, Cecilia Dapaah reportedly revised the amount allegedly stolen by her house helpers. While the initial report and court filings stated a theft of one million dollars, she now acknowledges a reduced figure of $590,000, coincidentally matching the amount discovered during the OSP’s search in July.

The OSP initially unfroze Dapaah’s accounts and returned her properties in compliance with the court’s directive on August 21. However, these assets were subsequently frozen again, leading to the current application. A hearing is scheduled for October 18, 2023.

This unfolding case continues to raise questions and intrigue as the OSP delves deeper into the complex web of financial transactions and allegations surrounding Cecilia Dapaah. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.


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