Stop collecting coins and let your man invest in you big-time – Ladies advised

Sex and relationship coach, Dzifa Sweetness


Dzifa Sweetness, an experienced Ghanaian sex and relationship coach, has advised ladies to stop accepting little sums of money from their partners as transport fare after visiting them.

According to Dzifa, it is the most disgraceful thing for a woman to visit her boyfriend with no money and accept fifty or a hundred cedis. She quizzed that how can a woman progress if all she does is to avail herself whenever her man calls and return home not a cedi richer just because she only received money that will get her back home.

The sex coach advised, “You’ve collected the coins for too long. You need to upgrade. Let your man invest in you and your business and stop taking 50gh or 100gh for a fare. If you don’t have money, don’t visit your boyfriend. Let him save those 50cedi notes and 100cedis and invest in you big time”, she said.

“What disgusts me most is when a lady orders an uber to her boyfriend’s place with no money to pay for it herself. When she arrives, she now has to call him and wait in the car for him to come out and pay. That is disgraceful”, she expressed.

Dzifa urged that it is high time these women thinking about how to build their future and take the opportunity of having a boyfriend to start something for themselves with his help, instead of settling for small amounts of money just to visit him for sexual pleasure.


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