“Story Of The Greedy mother” – Trotro Tales

"Story Of The Greedy mother" – Trotro Tales


I was on my way home from class, few meters away from the bus (Trotro) station. I was in a hurry; I wanted to catch the next bus loading to Madina.

I was extremely hungry so I was walking funny, my limbs felt weak from exhaustion. I didn’t eat breakfast or lunch so getting home to eat was my top priority.

I rushed through the traders and hawkers along the street to get into the bus (Trotro) station. It was 4:03 pm and as usual rush hour kicks in, the station was packed with people trying to catch a bus home.

Finding my way through the maze of buses was tiring. Then I heard a mate shouting, “37, airport, roundabout, Legon, Madina oro oro oro”, I followed the sound and located the loading troski. Unfortunately, it only had 3 passengers in it, which meant I’d have to wait for 18 more passengers before the bus will move. I sat at the very back of the bus next to the window.

Passengers were boarding at a very slow pace, but I had no choice but to wait. My stomach began to rumble, I smiled to myself and ignored it. Minutes later the bus (Trotro) was almost full but I was the only one sitting at the back but I cared less, I wanted the bus to be full already, I was very hungry and eager to get home. Then a woman and her baby got on board the bus, walked straight to the back, and sat next to me.

I was going through my phone when my stomach gave out another large rumble “GRRRRRRRR”, it was so loud and embarrassing that the baby who sat next to me, turned to look at me and said, “Mama hw3!”, which means mummy look, pointing at me. Her mom looked at me and smiled, and I smiled back. From that moment, the baby sat looking in my direction with her head on her mummy’s chest and her right thumb in her mouth sucking.

It was evident I had to eat something before someone confuses my stomach rumblings as fart. So I called the ice cream vendor and ordered a strawberry yogurt and a pie. Even though I was hungry I didn’t want to eat like a Tasmanian devil on the bus so I took my time to enjoy it. All this while the baby next to me was looking at me, I think she might be 3 years old, after staring at me for minutes, she tapped her mom on her shoulders and said, “Mama medi yogurt” which means, mummy I’ll eat yogurt and mother replied, “s3 y3duru fie a, met) bi ama wo”, meaning when we get home I’ll buy you some.

The baby started crying because her mom won’t buy her yogurt. Eventually, she stopped crying, but this baby won’t stop staring at me with those huge innocent eyes of hers from the corner of my eyes.

I called the ice cream vendor and ordered another one. I gave the ice cream to the mother and told her it’s for her baby, she looked surprised, accepted it, and thanked me. The baby was really excited. Her mother unwrapped the ice cream and realized it was Vanilla FanIce, she turned to me and said, “bra anka y3 p3 yogurt anaas3 chocolate”, which means, brother, we would have liked yogurt or Chocolate flavored ice cream.

A beggar with a choice. I was shocked!

I reluctantly took the fanice back and told the vendor to replace it with either yoghurt or chocolate and he did. Then I gave it back to the woman. From the corner of my eyes I realized the woman was still looking at me with smiles so I wanted to smile back at her, soon as I turned my face to look at her she said, “Aka pie”.

Only God knows how badly I wanted to reply her with, “aka wo nni ne wo se” but I didn’t


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