Swedru Scammer Gets Caught Trying to Scam Rich Malaysia Based Ghanaian “Borga”


GH is known and has been getting dirty criticisms from many foreign countries due to lazy and hungry scammers who will do anything just to rip you of your hard-earned money.  

Before we drive into these bad activities going on in our country lately, we advise all youth to work hard and make something positive for themselves.

So just this morning a Malaysia based Ghanaian narrate with a voice note message how he has been chatting with a Ghanaian nurse for a while now which he taught was a lady until this morning.

He added detailed information on how this guy from “Swedru” was trying to get money from him, pictures of the girl this guy has been using and all voice note conversations between him and the scammer.

 With deep conversations between the two, the Ghanaian “borga” was able to beat him at his own game by tricking him to send his own real pictures and name which is “Kcoby Vhybez”.

it quiet unfortunate these scammers keep growing each passing day, with all kinds of ideas “format” they come up with just to scam you.

Ghanaian Police authorities are doing their best but these fraud problems seem not to end and I don’t think it will anytime soon.

We advise all individuals to be careful with people you meet online reason being most of these so-called pretty girls are fake and scammers.

Below are the voice note conversations, images of “Kcoby Vhybez” the “Swedru” scammer and images of the girl he uses;

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