The Decent Side Of Moesha Bodoung Everyone Overlooks


Maurecia Babiinoti Bodoung popular know us Moesha Bodoung is a Ghanaian TV presenter, actress, and model who is also known for granting a controversial interview with CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour on issues of sex, love and gender.

Although after her interview with Christiane Amanpour, she was tagged as a prostitute and while others came to the conclusion that she was sleeping with men for wealth just because she stated the obvious facts and the lifestyle of most Ghanaian women.

Aside Moesha being in bikini’s and flexing off her huge curvy shape in half nude photos, Maurecia Babiinoti Bodoung can also be decent to match the occasion with it comes to switching it up.

Below are some of the decent smart woman look of Moesha Bodoung that will change your previous perception about her


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