The Kenkey seller’s daughter

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There’s this chick in my hood i’ve been eyeing for a while now, she’s a coloured brown skin girl, with a cute fluffy afro, she has that kinda hour glass body shape, very very attractive..

She’s the reason why I always sit in front of my house, hoping to catch glimpses of her as she walk pass whenever she’s on an errand or going somewhere.

You see the way a cat walks? Ebi so naaa the chick dey walk, it always seems like she’s on the runway, she walks without touching the ground, i mean like gliding like Aladin’s magic carpet, like she’s floating .

Anytime I see her walk pass by, I go like, “lord ah wanna go down go down, lemme see that waistline go round go round…

she got the realest bumpah in dis town, cos I see the way she move it up and down, eeiisshh and the size and the shape awwwww.

That way she whine and jiggle up her waist…eeeiisshhh that bumpah is too real…It’s dangerous.

I’ve been meaning to talk to her or even say hi k3k3, but opana this, my muff die ruff, be like padlock dey my muff top…

Last time bi di3 I gather vim say I go bell am, she came walking by, I no know what happened, I froze, I couldn’t even open my mouth to call her mpo, yawa oooh.

Her mother was the kenkey seller, she owns the famous kenkey house in my hood, during the evenings she helps her mom in selling the kenkey after hours…

Sake of this I dey buy kenkey from demma there more times charle, even if I’m not hungry, I still dey force go buy kenkey, all be sake of I wan see am k3k3, call it obsession? Naa i’m in love fam.

One evening bi di3 I sh3da go buy kenkey, her beauty caught my eye, she was wearing some nice skirt and top bi, I complimented her, she said “thank you” and smiled! Heerrrhhh first time she had talked to me, I was really happy, the kenkey sef I no chop, I take give my hungry dog, I was too excited to even eat lol.

Another time I went to buy kenkey and I asked for more pepper, she flow me say, “the pepper is ok, too much pepper will reward me with running stomach the next day”…hahaha that evening i laugh saaa I even told her to keep the change hahaha.

From our last two encounters, she was familiar with my face, so she smiles anytime she sees me, that was the signal I was looking for.

My next aim was to get her phone number, I didn’t want to ask her directly, she might get the wrong impression.

I had to plan well to get that number, I can’t toast a girl but i am a smart guy, guess what I did lol.

I showed up to her place with a 50 Ghana cedis note, at night around 9:15pm to buy kenkey, fortunately she was around, and there was some kenkey left.

I asked her to give me kenkey 3 cedis and fish 3 cedis, she beckoned me to sit down, after she was done serving me, I gave her the 50 cedis note…and she was like “bra me pa wo ky3w ne nni nsesa” (i don’t have change) and I was like, “oh saa” pretending to be surprised lol.

So I asked her if I should go home hungry simply because she couldn’t get me change? She said “no”, looking sad…

Then finally, she told me to come for the change the next day, and I was like ” ah what if I come and you not around?” But she insisted she’ll be around…but I told her I wasn’t convinced.

Then she told me to take her phone number, anytime I wanna come for my change, I should call her she’ll meet me with it.

Hahahahahaha……… trap no akyi beela, ………… trap no akyi beela (she fell right into my trap) .

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