These 4 easy steps can give you even-toned skin

These steps will promote and ensure a healthy looking skin

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The skin is the largest human organ by far, but it is rarely given its due. Good skin is essential, and treating it as if it were any other vital organ is a surefire way to stay healthy on the inside and out.

While many people have a long list of things to do in their skincare routine, we’ve compiled a list of four simple steps that will help you cut down on your time-consuming skincare process.

Having issues with your body can be so irritating. Is that an overnight pimple? Is that a throbbing razor bump? Are those knees chapped just after I smeared them with lotion?! It can’t be helped. Skincare issues can appear anywhere on the body.

At any time! Almost unannounced. Our legs and ankles for example easily get dry and suffer pigmentation due to sun exposure. All this stress. But don’t fret. We got you covered.

Here are 4 easy steps to give your skin that needed tender loving care.

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1. Exfoliate while you bathe.

Whilst in the shower, gently massage a body scrub on your legs, knees, and even your elbows. Doing this at least once a week won’t only soften your skin but also help even out pigmentation, too! You can alternatively do this with your bathing sponge but be gentle with your skin. You do not want to give your body scars just a scrub. We encourage a turmeric scrub. Apart from the fact that it’s rich in anti-oxidants. It also provides a glow, a lasting luster for your skin, and heals scarring caused by acne.

2. Dry brush your body.

You are probably looking at this like ‘Wait- what?!’. Yes, dry brush that body. You basically just gently rub a soft-bristled brush over your skin. Dry brushing helps remove dead skin cells to make the skin feel softer and smoother. Try this and expect results in less than a fortnight. You can do this before or after bathing. But if you’re removing dead cells then you probably want to do this before you enter that shower.

3. Cleanse with a bar of black soap.

Our grandmothers knew it best. Black soap is ambrosia for melanated skin. If you want to take off the dead skin remnants, unclog pores while also cleansing your skin for that beautiful sheen, then alata soap is the way to go. Once you try this you won’t be looking back. Trust that!

4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

We cannot say this loud enough. Moisturize your skin right after taking a bath. After you’ve exfoliated, after you’ve air-brushed, always moisturize. The best time to apply skin pomade or lotion is while your skin is damp after a bath. Your pores are open and the lotion or pomade can easily do what it was intended. We encourage you to use coconut oil or shea butter. Nothing like traditional skincare products to get you on your way. Applying them after a bath before bedtime will have you relaxed and ready for a goodnight’s sleep.


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