This Might Be The Reason You Can’t Find Love

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It’s fascinating when you meet ladies who advise males to simply understand what women desire. They even claim that it is his duty to just know. Things happen miraculously in this way. Many women think that if a man acts romantically, everything will fall into place.

Great relationships are not magical. Not that relationships are difficult to maintain, either. I’m saying that everything in life is like a relationship. You work hard to attain the outcomes you want, and you succeed in doing so.

If you show up to work every day and wait around for things to just happen, you will soon be fired. Relationships are the same way.

I could provide countless examples of how you could wait around for magic all day. You will produce nothing by waiting while you sit still. When it comes to relationships, Hollywood has given people a really skewed perception of reality. In a 90-minute film, a boy meets a girl, pursues her, wins her over, loses her, and then wins her again. It is a film. What it takes and the work necessary is never shown in the films.

Music is also used in movies to evoke feelings. You become engrossed in the imagination as a result.

You have Cinderella and Snow White fairytales in addition to movies. Men want to be the prince on the horse, and all women want to be one of those characters. Everything just happens magically, exactly like in the movies. You won’t find love as long as individuals base their dating decisions solely on stories from books and movies. If you have this mindset you will be disappointed.


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