What Women Really Want Isn’t Money or Material Things – Inspired by a Real Confession

Sad man looking at his wallet with money dollar banknotes flying away towards flirting cute woman


Most women, in general, have been tag us money lovers, material things seekers or even called names like “Gold diggers”, “Slay queens” and so on.

Although there are women who will do anything and willing to be in a relationship with a man just because of his money and what he can offer them, most women are out there looking for more than just money or material things from research.

Every woman is unique in various ways one can’t seem to explain, the point here is a few bad nuts don’t make the who womanhood character be classified as money lovers or being “Gold diggers”. 

So to drive deep into want, this article is all above you should first know women are powerful, strong, smart and most importantly never underestimate or take any women for granted no matter the circumstance.

All women have soft spot deep within them no matter how hard they may behave on the outside. If these spots are carefully touched and her insecurities are being put at easy it really simple for any women even the so-called “Gold digger” and material things type of women to fall in love and be willing to be in a proper relationship, then to just love for money.

Below are some of the basic things most guys ignore but are very necessary and every woman needs. 

Good Communication: really good and healthy communication can sway the intentions of any woman should she be in the position to love you because of your money? Communicating and being truthful about everything will ease her insecurities and might change her previous perceptions about everything. 

Friendship: Every woman need or wants to be with someone who listens and always be there for them, being a friend to your partner means treating her in the patient, accepting the manner in which you treat other close friends. when a woman meets a guy who treats her in a way no one can trust me money wouldn’t really be her main focus. 

Honesty: the major reason why most of these women go in for rich guys or date guys for their money is that most guys nowadays are liar, cheats – they will like to have anything in a skirt and not honest. Being honest and not giving her any reason to doubt you.

Kiss on the forehead: this is a nice and beautiful gesture every man must do for his woman often. Ladies love being kissed on the forehead but never show any real response to this act and with this, even a “Gold digger” will start to have strong feelings. 

Taking responsibility: the simplest explanation for this is women are into men who are responsible, take actions and have good behavior. Most long-term healthy relationships are normally basic on both parties having a high level of maturity. 

The summary to this who article is to empower women and alert guys out there that, not every woman goes in a relationship with the idea of getting something but to help build a lasting affair, most ladies who are materialistic sometimes feel secured and gone through painful love experience so they feel love isn’t real and they will date only for money.

I believe no woman in his right mind will ignore a guy with all these qualities listed above just because of money.

Everyone needs love and with the right treatment and approved even a “Gold digger” can fall in love and it won’t be because of money or material things 

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