Your Life In Achimota School Will Be Made Really Hard, Get Ready For Tough Times – DKB Advices Rasta Students

Derrick Kobina Bonney (DKB), a Ghanaian stand-up comedian

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Derrick Kobina Bonney (DKB), a Ghanaian stand-up comedian, says that even if the dreadlocked pupils have won their court case allowing them to attend the Achimota School, they should prepare for difficult times ahead.

Tyrone Marhguy and Nkrabe are two dreadlocked kids who were turned down for enrollment to Achimota School due to their thick hair, which they were unable to trim.

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These students took the school to the Human Rights Court through their lawyers, and lo and behold, the court ordered the school to readmit them as soon as possible.

DKB feels that, despite the court’s assistance, they must be prepared for difficult times at Achimota School. He emphasized that their dreadlocks give them a distinct identity, making it difficult for them to escape people’s gazes and minds.

In a video he posted online, DKB warned Tyrone that he should expect to be ridiculed, treated unfairly, and possibly punished by classmates and teachers for his part prior to his eventual admission.

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DKB, like many Ghanaians, believes that these dreadlocked youngsters will endure difficult conditions in school, making their time there difficult. Tyrone may not be bothered because he is a Day Student, but Nkrabea may fit DKB’s description and find his words quite useful.

Watch the video below:


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